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Getting Started
Starting your own embroidery business?

  • Do you want to be your own boss?
  • Do you want financial independence?
  • Do you want creative freedom?
  • Do you want flexible working hours?
  • Do you want UNLIMITED earning potential?

If so, then owning and managing an embroidery business may be perfect for you!

Initially, all you need is the drive, motivation, ability to learn and a strong desire to succeed. After that everything else will fall into place. The Commercial Embroidery business is a $47 Billion per year marketplace. That means an unlimited opportunity to make as much money as you want. Here at MESA we want to see you succeed and help you through the process.

Why embroidery?

  • It's profitable
  • Everyone buys embroidered goods
  • Your business can be operated full-time or part time
  • You can work from home
  • The equipment doesn't require special skills to operate
  • Easy to market
  • Be your own employer
  • You don't need a fortune to get started
The demand for embroidered goods is growing fast.More types of businesses and organizations are turning to embroidered wearables and other goods to help build identity or communicate a message. In addition, embroidery is finding a resurgence in fashion and boutique markets, from embroidered jeans to shower curtains, handbags and other creative applications. An embroidery business works well at home or in a separate shop. Along with our big multi-head customers who are proud of their large, efficient factories, we also have many success stories from customers that operate out of their homes. There's nothing like the satisfaction of being your own boss. With computer-controlled embroidery machines your business will produce high-quality, commercial embroidery that can be sold to anyone from collectors at a craft show to multi-national corporations. Thes best part is you don't need a fortune to get started! Profitable embroidery businesses can be built with a simple single-head machine for very little up-front investment. Using lease-to-own options which offer affordable monthly payments plus tax incentives, you can work from home and build a very profitable business with minimal start-up costs.

Why Highland?

Why choose Highland over other brands? Today there are many embroidery machine brands to choose from, and the choices can be overwhelming. Highland stands above the rest in quality and value, with the highest trade-in and resale values in the industry.


  • We've been in the embroidery business for over 15 years
  • Educated sales staff
  • Training is included
  • Lessons are ongoing
  • Accessories/Parts Department
  • Industry's best support
  • Nation's best customer service
  • A name you can trust!
Everyone's situation is unique. Your conversation with our experienced sales professionals can be helpful in finding the equipment that best fits your particular plans. With our ongoing education programs let you learn at your own pace. There's a lot to do to get your business off the ground, so we've made education easy to get to, when you need it and as often as you want it. Our customers have been our greatest referral source because of our stellar service. Combined with the quality of Highland machines, your confidence will grow the more you run your machines. Our parts and supplies departments are not just a places to pick up spare & replacement machine parts & supplies, MESA parts department also updates its product lines to provide you with options for the many different kinds of projects you'll encounter from creative hooping solutions to thread and other supplies. We are a supplier of high quality embroidery equipment and software. We have helped thousands of embroiderers establish and maintain thriving businesses. We've obtained our success by offering the commercial and home market what it needs - solid, quality equipment, first-rate supplies, and comprehensive training. We've been doing this more than 15 years. With this type of history, you can be assured you are dealing with one of the most reputable companies in the industry. A company you can trust!

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