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The Best Embroidery Machine for Small Business

So you’re looking to add an embroidery machine to your business? Maybe you are a trophy and awards shop, or screen printing business, and have realized that embroidery products could add value to your business and increase sales. Maybe you started your business out of your home and now you’re ready to move into a commercial building and add an additional machine. You’ve come to the right place - MESA offers the best embroidery machine for your small business, with several models to choose from and all the features you’ll need for your business.

(Looking for the best embroidery machine for a home business? You’ll want to read "The Best Embroidery Machines for Home or Commercial Businesses".)

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Typically, a small business will need either a single-head multi-needle machine, or a multi-head machine. Which is best for you will depend on how much space you have available for the machine and how much embroidery product you expect to produce.


"Everything is going great! I actually just embroidered some golf towels with our website and tournament on them to give away at this tournament. It was so nice being able to run them without any problems - now that I know all the proper settings. Thank you so much for your help. I would love to tell others how great things are with your company."

World Class Karate
Jesup, GA

Single-Head Embroidery Machines

A single-head embroidery machine can be a cost-effective way to expand your product line. It costs significantly less than a multi-head machine. Additionally, the single-head machines require less space than its larger counterpart. Having several single-heads allows you to hoop one machine while the other is sewing. There are situations where a single-head, even running several machines at once, won’t be the best choice. When you need to produce large quantities of product quickly, even several single-head machines can’t match a multi-head machine.

MESA has four single-head multi-needle embroidery machines for your small business. They are:

The Best Embroidery Machine for Small Business

Each of our machines include:


"I can't say enough nice things about the way my wife and I have been taken care of by MESA. Service always calls me back promptly, and we have received great support for our HM-1501C."

Tom McDonald
Oklahoma City, OK

Multi-Head Embroidery Machines

If you need to produce a lot of product, the single-heads aren’t always the best choice. Even running several at once can’t compare to a multi-head machine. If it looks like you’ll be producing hundreds of items per day, a multi-head embroidery machine may suit your business model better. They will need more space than a single-head and cost more, but they are worth the extra storage and expense. Multi-head embroidery machines are great for the small business owner.

Keep in mind that multi-head machines will sew the same design on every head simultaneously. For example, an order for the same design on 100 caps would mean running the job 100 times on a single head machine, but a four head machine would embroider four caps simultaneously so you’d only need to run the job 25 times.

Best Embroidery Machine for Small Business - multihead

With five different Highland multi-head models to choose from, MESA provides the best value for price:

Like the single-head models, all Highland multi-head embroidery machines include:


"We bought an HM1 from you guys in December. We got it refurbished, it had a few issues when we got it. You thought I was going to complain didn't you? Not at all. Actually. We just wanted to thank you all for everything...

I NEVER really recommend anything to anyone and I certainly don't usually feel compelled to tell a company how great I think they are but we really are that impressed with you all and you made our buying experience a good stress free one and we just wanted to say THANK YOU!!"

Bryon and Kippy Hudson
Once Vamped
Vancouver, WA

MESA provides a few optional extras with all Highland embroidery machines. We've assembled the most commonly needed items into money-saving optional packages to help you get started. Business Start-Up Packages include Wings XP Embroidery Software, backing, water-soluble topping, needles, thread, bobbins, stock designs, and more.

Other Embroidery Machine Considerations

There are a few other important things to consider when researching the best embroidery machine for a small business:

Financing: Is financing available? Do they offer 0% financing so you can get started with an immediate ROI? Most companies offer financing but few provide 0% financing, which can make a huge difference in the monthly payment amount.

Support: Does the company that sells the embroidery machine offer support? How many ways are there for you to contact them? Is there a fee? Make sure you purchase from a company that offers support for the machine you buy. Better yet, make sure it is support for the life of the embroidery machine.

Training: Does the company that sells the embroidery machine offer training? What type of training? Online, in-office, onsite, other? Is there a fee for embroidery machine training? Getting training on your new embroidery machine is priceless.

Add-ons: Do you only get the embroidery machine, or are there other optional items you can get from the dealer to have everything you need to increase revenue for your small business? MESA has options like cap systems and Business Start-Up Packages that include stock designs, software, and more.

Now that you have a good idea of what the best embroidery machine for a small business is for you, it’s time to talk to a salesperson. MESA has all of the above; MESA provides a warranty, support, training, and 0% financing. We’ve got add-ons to help you get started right away with your embroidery machine, when it arrives in your shop.

MESA has been in the apparel decorating industry for over 25 years. This experience is invaluable when redesigning a system or selecting a manufacturer to make products for us. It also means MESA has the experience and expertise to guide you toward the right equipment for your business.


"I just want to send my thanks to MESA for having such a great machine and impeccable customer service. In the past we have always used Brother machines, but when my company was expanding into larger sewing surfaces and I needed a new machine, I did months of research to find the best bang for my buck and I found it here with Highland. After a few minor adjustments my 15 needle machine is the most quiet workhorse I have ever used. My embroidery files range from 20,000 stitches to over 700,000 stitches, and at 1200 spm on flats it doesn't take long to sew them out. I highly recommend Highland to anyone and can't wait to look at buying a multihead."

Thanks again,
Robert Myers
BURNOUT Graphics
Crooks, SD

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