HM/E-1504C5 Embroidery Machine


  • Unbreakable reciprocators with patented RPS Reciprocator Protection System
  • Quick Change Cap and Hooping System changes flats to caps, caps to flats, or even one hoop to another in seconds - no tools needed!
  • Largest cap sewing area - sews closer to the brim than any other machine in its class
  • 1000 stitches per minute
  • Huge sewing field 500 x 400mm (approx 19.6 x 15.7")
  • 10" Color LCD Control Panel
  • 100 Million Stitch Memory - Machine memory holds one hundred million stitches or 800 designs.
  • Laser Light for Design Tracing
  • Stitch Filtering
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • Automatic Color Change
  • Automatic Thread Break Detection
  • Includes selection of hoops - shirt front and jacket back
  • Linear Pantograph Drive Movement
  • Design/data ports: USB
  • Workspace lighting
  • No special power requirements - low power consumption using a standard 115v outlet
  • Extra large work table
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Control Panel with LCD Screen

With the high definition touch-screen LCD control panel editing & design previewing is easy. Features such as satin width adjustment & the 100 Million Stitch Memory give you the ability to create flawless embroidery at any size!

  • Control Panel features a 10" Touch-Screen Color LCD Display
  • User-friendly menu makes it easy to read and quickly identify production information
  • USB Port for loading designs from USB flash drives
  • One-Touch Design Tracing - easily trace the design to ensure accurate placement before ever sewing a stitch by simply pressing a button
  • Scale size of designs up or down
  • Manual/automatic offset - frame can easily be returned to the previous position by selecting the option, or set to automatically return to the previous offset position when a job is completed
  • Rotate or Mirror Image
  • Origin Return - easily return to the starting point of the design
  • Floating - Moves frame forward or backward through design without stitching
USB Flash Drive

USB Drive Design Transfer

USB flash drives are inexpensive, portable and convenient. The USB flash drive allows the operator to transfer one design or hundreds to the machine quickly and easily.

See It In Action

This video is a demonstration of the Highland six head embroidery machine. The four head machine has all the same features as the six head.

Quick Change logo

Quick Change Cap & Hooping System

Save precious time with the Quick Change Cap & Hooping System, which allows changing from caps to flats in seconds. No tools required - just snap it in.

See the Quick Change in action.

RPS Reciprocator Protection System

Reciprocator Protection System

With the new patented RPS Reciprocator Protection System you never have to worry about your business being down because you struck a hoop. With other embroidery machines, striking a hoop can easily break the plastic reciprocator, making your machine unusable until repaired, possibly for days if you cannot do the repair yourself.

This revolutionary unbreakable reciprocator is metal, not plastic, and therefore cannot be broken by simply striking a hoop with the needle. Instead of breaking an expensive part of your machine, a small plastic post will break off, which can easily and inexpensively be replaced. When this post is broken, it puts that one needle out of order, instead of the entire sewing head. By reprogramming the color to another needle (and re-hooping the garment so you don't strike the hoop again) you are back in business! You can then repair the RPS system at your convenience.

Watch this video to see how fast and easy it is to get back up and running after a hard hoop strike that would put other embroidery machines down for repairs.

Machine Specifications

Number of Needles
15 per head
Working Area
500 x 400mm (approx 19.6 x 15.7")
Internal Design Memory
One hundred million (100,000,000) stitches/800 designs
Data Interface
USB Port
Control Panel
10" Touch-Screen Color LCD
Power Source
USB Port
Dimensions Without Table(W x H x D)
10'3" x 5'10" x 2'9"
Weight (uncrated - not shipping weight)
Approx. 1,360lbs

Highland Embroidery Machine Warranty

Embroidery Machine Warranty

Five year limited warranty coverage for your Highland embroidery machine.

Read the entire warranty here.

Service and Support

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Expert 800 Phone Support is included with every purchase of new equipment or software. The mission of our friendly and patient support staff is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, saving you time and money, and most support calls are actually resolved over the phone. If your issue cannot be resolved by phone, factory trained technicians are available for on-site service. Visit our website for answers to frequently asked questions, or step-by-step instructions for many tasks.

Machine Training

training icon

Training is included with each machine and software purchase from MESA. Single-head embroidery machine prices include training at a MESA training center or one-on-one online video conference training. Full-size multi-head embroidery machine prices include onsite training at customer's location. Onsite training may also be purchased with single head machines. Visit our training page or ask your sales representative for more details.

What Our Customers Say

I would like to start off with: "**** why did I not do this earlier". Ami Benson is the best sales lady in the business. I have had nothing but, good service from her even before I decided to purchase my 1501C machine. I sent an email online and got a call the next day. Ami, was not pushy she was very helpful and informative.

I left Mesa after my tour of the facilities wanting to purchase every machine Mesa manufactures. I got my machine with in a couple of days and I was up and running. Business has been good and I am going to purchase another 2 machines at the beginning of the year. Ami, get ready I am coming back and I don't want to deal with anyone but, you.

PS: Jessica & Jay thanks for your support on my classes.

M. Walker

MESA has thousands of satisfied customers ranging from part-time embroiderers who work from home to large companies with many machines. Read more testimonials about MESA's products and services.

Business Start-Up Packages (Optional)

We've assembled the most commonly needed items into money-saving Business Startup Packages to help you get started. Packages include Wings XP Embroidery Software, backing, needles, thread, bobbins, stock designs, and more. Click here to learn more.

Dakota Collectibles Stock Designs (Optional)

Dakota Collectibles Embroidery Design Collection

MESA offers fantastic savings on select Dakota Collectibles Design Libraries when purchased with a Highland embroidery machine. Each collection includes the ready-to-use stock designs on cd, plus a beautiful design catalog to easily allow your customers to browse designs. Choose from four different design libraries. Click here to learn more.

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