HMC-601 Compact Chenille Machine


  • HUGE sewing field (approx. 20 x 15.5").
  • Automatic Thread Trimming: trims the thread when color changes occur, and when the pantograph moves to another location on the design
  • Automatic Thread Break Detection
  • User-friendly Control Panel 5.7" Color LCD
  • 6 Chenille Colors with Automatic Color Change
  • Max sewing speed 650 stitches per minute
  • Built in workspace lighting
  • Sixteen Million (16,000,000) Stitch Memory - Machine memory holds sixteen million stitches or 400 designs
  • USB Port - For easily transferring designs to machine using USB flash drives
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Telephone Support and Equipment Training Included
  • Extra large table to support large items such as blankets, table is easily removed if space is a premium
  • Hoops are interchangeable with Highland HM-1501c
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Expand Your Business

Cash in on the rising demand for chenille embellished garments. Today's market is not limited to just Letterman/Varsity Jackets, you can find chenille on just about everything! Some ideas include: cheerleading uniforms, band uniforms, club jackets, skirts, blouses, pajamas, robes, pillow shams, quilts, children's clothing, throw pillows and patches.

The Highland Compact Chenille machine could be the most productive machine in your shop. With over 16,000,000 stitches available in memory and a HUGE sewing field (approx. 20 x 15.5") and the Automatic Color Change feature, you will be able to tackle the largest projects with ease!

Expand your business today and cash in on the opportunities in chenille apparel decorating.

Control Panel with LCD Screen

  • Large 5.7 inch Color LCD
  • User-friendly menu allows ease of operation even for beginners
  • Easily import designs with a standard USB Flash Drive
  • Large on-board design memory holds sixteen million stitches (or 400 designs)
  • Simplified buttons for easy operation
USB Flash Drive
USB Drive Design Transfer

USB flash drives are inexpensive, portable and convenient. The USB flash drive allows the operator to transfer one design or hundreds to the machine quickly and easily.

The Highland Compact Chenille Machine

Machine Specifications

Number of Chenille Colors
Working Area
19.3 x 14.1 inches
Internal Design Memory
Sixteen million (16,000,000) stitches
Data Interface
USB Port
Power Source
Dimensions with Table (W x H x D)
43 x 58 x 40.5 inches
Dimensions without Table (W x H x D)
29.5 x 58 x 40.5 inches
Weight (uncrated - not shipping weight)
Approx. 220 lbs
Machine Stand Weight
Approx. 100 lbs

Highland Chenille Machine Warranty

Five year limited warranty coverage for your Highland chenille machines.

Read the entire warranty here.

Service and Support

Expert 800 Phone Support is included with every purchase of new equipment or software. The mission of our friendly and patient support staff is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, saving you time and money, and most support calls are actually resolved over the phone. If your issue cannot be resolved by phone, factory trained technicians are available for on-site service. Visit our website for answers to frequently asked questions, or step-by-step instructions for many tasks.

Machine Training

Training is included with each machine and software purchase from MESA. Single-head embroidery machine prices include training at a MESA training center or online video conference training. Full-size multi-head embroidery machine prices include onsite training at customer's location. Onsite training may also be purchased with single head machines. Visit our training page or ask your sales representative for more details.