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Quick Change Cap and Hooping System
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Have you ever wished it was this quick and easy to switch from tubular to caps? Highland's Quick Change Hooping System was inspired by our commitment of "Helping Embroiderers Do More".

Traditional cap frame drivers can be difficult and time-consuming to add or remove, but the Quick Change Cap Driver easily snaps into the tubular arms just like a standard tubular hoop. Changing over from regular embroidery to caps has never been easier!

Quick Change Linear Motion

Linear motion guide rail provides smooth precise movement for cap embroidery.

Quick Change Pivot Axle

Pivot axle supports the weight of the driver.

Quick Change Slide Bearing

A slide bearing provides exceptional accuracy and support.

Watch the Video to Learn How It Works

Save Precious Time with the Quick Change Cap and Hooping System

No tools, no knobs or thumbscrews to turn, no need to remove tubular arms. Just snap it in! The Quick Change Hooping System showcases superior workmanship along with time-saving functionality.

The Quick Change cap frame driver is designed for precision performance and unsurpassed ease of operation. The driver is supported by a slide bearing, comprised of a series of precision ball bearings that ride on a steel pivot axle, while the movement is controlled by a state of the art linear motion guide rail. This combination creates the most advanced cap frame system in the industry, and provides for unequalled ease of installation and operation.

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